Soffadirekt discount codes

Soffadirekt discount codes

We offer a discount at Soffadirekt

50% discount


How to get a discount at Soffadirekt

Just click on the desired campaign below to take advantage of the discounts. The discount code is included in the link.
If you have adblocker enabled, you will not see the campaigns, exclude this page to see the ads.

Send us a copy of your receipt and you will also receive 4% of the purchase price in the form of EHLCOIN. Send with your mobile number and e-mail address where you want your EHLCOIN. What 4% gives is for every SEK 1,000 you buy, you get 40 EHLCOIN. You can combine our discounts with a bonus so you get up to 54% discount (50% discount and 4% back in EHLCOIN).



Are you new to EHLCOIN? Get your first 40 EHLCOIN for free!

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